Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunflower Quilt and more laundry stories (sigh...)

Pretty quilt, but hard to photograph.

The quilting shows up really nicely on the back.

Laundry (sigh.  I'm so grateful Mom brought me up to laugh at myself.)
Today was unseasonably warm and VERY windy so I was trying to catch up on  laundry, since I could hang it outside to dry.  Frugal is the new black, dontcha know?
Load #1 - reds/pinks/oranges.  If they are not washed separately they leave icky fuzz/lint all over everything.  All mine.
Load #2 - DH's manly stuff, dark.  In your best interest, details will  not be provided.
Load #3 - My dark stuff.
Load #4 - white sheets & other white-ish laundry.
So, I'm hanging up the FLAT bed sheet in basket #4, thinking to myself "hmm, the basket is empty.  What happened to the fitted sheet?"  I check the clothesline, thinking I've gone totally stupid and forgotten that I hung it up, like, 5 seconds ago.  Hmm.  Nope, not there.  "Well", I think to myself, "it must still be in the basket".  Even though I just looked there, I look again.  Nope, definitely still empty.  "Hmm", I think to myself, "I must have left it in the washing machine.  Or dropped it on the floor on my way up with the wet laundry."  So I go back in the house and down the stairs to the dungeon and check the washing machine.  All the while I'm wondering how in the hell I could miss a fitted sheet in the washer.  Or not break my neck tripping over a fitted sheet as I drop it on the floor.  But hey, stranger things have happened.  Surprise surprise, there is no sheet anywhere on the floor, nor did I miss it in the washer.  "What the hell???" I'm thinking.  I check the laundry hamper, thinking that maybe I forgot to throw it in the basket, but that is empty - no sheet there.  Then my little brain goes back to Monday morning when I changed the sheets.  I remember taking the quilts off.  I remember taking the blanket off.  I remember taking the flat sheet off.  I remember (can you see where this is going?) taking the pillows off.  I do NOT remember taking off the fitted sheet.  I've now gone back up the stairs to the bedroom and I'm delayering the bed again.  Off come the quilts.  Off comes the blanket.  Off with the flat sheet and the pillows.  Pull up one corner of the fitted sheet to take a peek and what do I find?  Another fitted sheet.  What a freaking idiot.  The end of the story is I had to run a FIFTH load of laundry (a very tiny load).  So the next time you are beating yourself up for some dumb thing you've done, remember me. 


  1. I am trying not to laugh too much ... it could be my turn tomorrow!

    Judy B

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  3. :-) I can picture the entire thing, Helen. Thanks for the funny story. Similar things happen to me ALL the time. :-)

    Lynn G.


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