Monday, May 10, 2010

Needing the fingers of BOTH hands to count

Back in high school (many, many, many years ago) I was very good in math. Now it appears I cannot keep count. Two mostly identical postcards - one with 5 candles, one with 6 candles. ??? Anyone???
The latest member of Sadie's Playpen Cleanup Crew. It even sweeps up it's own grass clippings.My brother picked up Mom on Sunday, then they came over to get me and we went out for a nice Mother's Day lunch. Mom thought it was her birthday. She was missing her top teeth, and was wearing her slippers instead of her shoes (it seems our standards get lower the closer we get to 90) but boy, she really enjoyed her pierogies. I love my mom.


  1. My mom always wears her slippers. She says her running shoes are too heavy. My husband and son picked her up from the nursing home and she came here where we had - not only Mother's Day but also a celebration for her birthday. Wednesday she will be 91.
    So, what's up with the candles on the card? Which one is right?

  2. They're both right, silly. You don't think I'd ADMIT to making a mistake, do you??? Congrats on the 91st. Mom will be celebrating 90 (but not until July).


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