Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mom & Lecture/workshop/retreat

Mom still likes to party on a beautiful day. Back many years ago that used to involve much beer. Now, it's yogurt. Note to self: call the home today and see if upper dentures have been found in the laundry. Note to YOU: if you want to do something nice for your mom, just take her out for a walk on a lovely day. Give her the gift of your time (and maybe a yogurt parfait from McDonalds).

I have been booked by the Buckhorn Guild to do my dog & pony show (slide show of the Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival). After the meeting I will be leading a workshop on fabric postcards. I'm staying with my friend Margaret (of the Kawartha Margarets) for the whole week (yippee!!!). Anne and Sue will be joining us on Thursday. The menus are planned and the toenails are painted (beach weather - OMG, how great is that!). Sayonara 'till Sunday.

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