Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tablecloth finished

The embroidered tablecloth is finished.

These old pieces are never quite square so it's difficult to space the motif correctly. I just do the best I can.We took a road trip on the weekend to visit the inlaws. Sadie is good as gold in the car. She stays in the back seat without any to-do, even when we leave her alone during a pit stop at Timmies. Long term, I'd like her to be a Therapy Dog. This weekend was sort of her initiation and she was just perfect. She might fail the test big time if she is required to socialize quietly and gently with other dogs. They are just way more fun than creebly old people.


  1. Love the table cloth. Will you be using it on a table?

  2. beautiful work! the tablecloth is wonderful! thanks for sharing..(and inspiring.)

  3. This is gorgeous - your quilting is simply stunning!

  4. Dolores, this is a customer piece so I'm not sure about the intended use. It has a loftier poly batting and may not be suitable for tabletop, unless it was simply for decoration.


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