Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nope - no quilting here

Anything yet???
The weather has been so crazy nice that I've been outside doing spring cleanup-ey stuff. The rabbits and/or mice/moles/voles have moved some of the crocuses around. I know for certain that I did NOT plant stuff in the ditch on the farmer's side.

I also spent a couple hours (it seems) on Craft Gossip, and from there... on to where I found the recipe for home made deodorant. I whipped up a small batch of the powder version yesterday morning because Shoppers Drug Mart is no longer carrying the brand I was buying. I have an emotional (mental???) problem with anti-perspirants because of the aluminum in them. More than you wanted to know about me, eh? But I digress. This is day two and so far no one is backing slowly away from me.

On Sunday I made a yummy teriyaki marinated roast beef for supper. Hopefully tonight's incarnation of beef stir-fry will be the last of it.

Today at the Morning Out class I had the students practicing machine applique. They were amazed at how much BETTER their results were when they added a piece of paper to the back before they stitched. It prevents that nasty tunneling that can happen, and tears away easily afterwards.

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