Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Postcards, Dog Grooming, Moonshine

First I will give you a couple of postcard photos, in case you don't care about the rest of my blog post. Hard to believe, but possible I guess.Here is Sadie carrying some extra baggage. She is DEFINITELY in need of a trim but it's still winter and we don't want to give her the full treatment at the groomers.DH gets out the dog clippers. Sadie is really not sure where that extra part came from?Oooo - poor Sadie. That looks like a $5 cut from First Choice Hair Cutters - your ears appear to belong to two different dogs.Dog grooming is obviously not a career choice. Lets go back to making moonshine.


  1. I'm so sorry, but I can't stop laughing at the dog grooming. That would be how my dog would look. I know how bad my child's bangs look when I try to cut them. Thank you SOOOO much for sharing.

  2. Drink some of the moonshine and Sadie will look perfect! She's still a cutie.

  3. Oh poor Sadie is right.. looks like she visited the hair styling school!! you must have been dipping in the moonshine when cutting those ears!! LOL I used to do my girl all the time but now she is a geriatric and at 13 I get her done at the groomers they have all day to let her rest inbetween..
    plus at that ago spa's are a given!
    Good luck Sadie!!


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