Monday, March 22, 2010

Applique Quilt

I had the pleasure of working on a really beautiful quilt last week. It took the owner 12 years to complete the top. I am intimidated by quilts like this - if it took THAT LONG to complete, it is not something I want to do a bad job of quilting, ya know? This is all hand applique. Most longarm quilters will tell you the same thing - we make absolute crap money when quilting a top like this. I didn't lose my shirt, but the collar and cuffs are definitely gone. Hand applique quilts are not seen very often so I do them for love, not money. (well, a bit of money - after all I still have to bring home the puppy chow). Stitching around all the applique is very very very time consuming. And hard on the back.

Speaking of puppy chow: we watched Hachiko - A Dog's Story on Saturday night. When I saw that it starred Richard Gere I knew it would not be all that good (the guy can't act for sh*t) but I give it a 3-kleenex rating. Sadie loved it. We had to put her leash on so she didn't push the tv over. Back in the old days dogs couldn't see tv properly. Obviously the designers of BIG-ASS tv's felt sorry for them and fixed the problem. Now to clean the nose prints off the screen.


  1. I love the vase with the fish. Beautiful quilt and I can see why she took her time doing it. I saw the video at the store and was tempted to rent it. Maybe when there's nothing else that's action-packed. Or maybe I can get it when my daughter visits.

  2. Stunning! Just stunning! If this doesn't win some awards the judges are blind! Great job on the quilting!

    My dog will sit and watch our "big arse" TV so intently. She has barked at it, but never tried to go near it so far. 'Course she is a big ole chicken!

    Happy Quilting!

  3. Helen, that is beautiful!! Way to go.

  4. Beautiful! Love your Doodle too....I have two Goldendoodles! Love them so much!


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