Thursday, February 4, 2010

Take Reading 101 before constructing quilt block

I haven't taken a quilting class for a few years. I thought it was time, so I signed up for the $10 quilt at the local quilt shop. I am (I thought) a VERY experienced quilt maker and signed up for the Advanced quilt. I wanted to stretch my skills a bit. It seems I need to take 'reading 101'. I missed the part of instruction where it says to "make 4 of these, then make 4 more of these with the slant going in the opposite direction". Now that I've wrecked the fabric included in the kit, I bought a fat quarter each of the white and the burgundy.

Bad units:

Here is the PROPER layout (after making the correct 'opposite direction' units).

Here is what I sewed. Idiot. Get out the stitch ripper.


  1. I can totally relate! I have become fast friends with "Jack the Ripper" myself on numerous occasions. It is a pretty block and I like the colors. Hang in there!
    Happy Quilting!

  2. Makes a difference doesn't it. Not sure if you have sewn it together yet but your layout is off. The bottom corner blocks are turned.

  3. Oops.. just looked at it again and I think the whole bottom row was rotated. Should be easily fixed.

  4. I need a laugh. Thanks. I know I have done the same thing - once or twice myself.

  5. Sometimes no matter how much you have checked you make it wrong when you sew.

    I was squaring up some blocks from a $10 quilt that I had done a few years ago this weekend. When I looked at the block something seemed wrong. It took me awhile and I finally saw it. So out came the seam ripper.... Two different sections had to be removed and resewn. So glad I found it before I sewed it together.

    Every quilter from experience to novice makes the same boo boo's. It makes me feel comforted! (and hopeful)


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