Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little quilting and Christmas in February

Two pics of a lovely civil war flying geese quilt.
Sunday was not only Valentines Day, it was also my family Christmas dinner. My brother & his wife rarely go more than a month between vacations. December & January was their trip to Australia and New Zealand. There they met up with their Singapore daughter, who also rarely goes more than a month between vacations. DH and I stayed home and pouted.

However, the bonus is I get these really cool international gifts, without the expense of airfare. And no jet lag.

A little something to dress me up.
I have them well trained to seek out quilt shops. Some day (?) I plan to make a quilt with all the international fabrics I've been gifted.
Their daughter sent paints/fabric paint/dye. These have traveled from India to Singapore to Australia (or New Zealand?) and then here to Canada. When she gets home from her vacation THIS week (see I wasn't kidding) I will find out the exact nature of the powders. The bag will become our new Library Book bag. I love Bollywood movies. I understand them much better if I can turn on the closed captioning and read the dialogue. Even when I cannot understand a darned word I STILL love the colours, costumes, and singing & dancing. Hmm, no, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

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