Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dutch Quilt #2 and Pressure Canning

This is a quilt made by the same gal who did this one. I have no idea how she gets her borders so beautifully perfect.

She used a similar process - a preprinted panel with added borders.  And a few little spots of embroidery.  The photography is not up to my usual (?) standards.

 The quilting shows much better on the back.

Good Lord!  Why didn't anyone talk to me about pressure canning 25 years ago????  I have six 1-quart jars in the canner filled with Russian Vegetable Soup.  The pressure gauge is on its way up to 11 lbs., at which point I can start timing 75 minutes.
  • the kitchen is not full of steam
  • I don't have bubbling, boiling water spilling all over the stove
  • the stove element is now turned down to just above 'low' instead of blistering everything in sight at HIGH
Seriously.  If you enjoy canning, BUY YOURSELF A CHRISTMAS PRESENT.  To hell with the kids! - this was $100.00 (I think Home Hardware price is around $150.00). Mind you, I am not done yet.  Hopefully all the jars will seal and I won't be poisoning poor DH.  But to put it in perspective, he faces that danger every day.  :-)

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  1. I discovered pressure canning recently although I had heard about it's benefits many a time. I fell in love with my All American 921


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