Friday, August 10, 2012

Lazy days at the beach

Yesterday Jean & I went to the local craft store, where we purchased nothing.  Bad for the local economy.  Feeling guilty, and somewhat hungry, we continued down the road in the other direction where we had the neighbourhood market gardener rustle us up some carrots (which he pulled out of the ground while we watched), a zucchini (cut off the plant while we watched), and a head of broccoli (harvested with his pocket knife).  Five bucks.  We danced back to the car then drove a little further to the field of recently harvested potatoes.  Out came the plastic bag I keep in the car, and we wandered through the field picking up leftover spuds until we filled half a bag - enough for us for three days, and plenty for the cottage gals who had gifted us with fresh green beans earlier.  A swim at the beach later on made the day PERFECT.
Jean got the room with the cottage-style closet.  :-)

And you can see that we found the NB liquor store.  We needed something to wash down all the veggies.

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