Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Star Quilt & Water Lily. Oh yeah, and Zucchini

Last week I quilted this pretty winter wall hanging. I used a variegated blue thread on most of the top. The dark fabrics make it hard to see the quilting in the photo, but there are lots of stars and continuous curve.
Light blue Bottom Line thread in the bobbin.Margaret (of the Kawartha Margaret's) made a mad dash down to this area last week, so I met her at Ikea for lunch. In the old days when I worked in Burlington, I used to clock Ikea at $100 per hour. Thank goodness I'm over that. However, since we were there, of course we wandered through after lunch. Well... they had these great pots (supposedly on sale - who knows???) that did not have a hole in them. I've been looking for one of these, at a reasonable price, all summer. When I was in Bangkok it was very common to see pots filled with water and water plants. Now, I have my very own little slice of Asia on the patio. If only I could convince the dog and the birds this is NOT a big water dish. sigh... Now, on to the ZUCCHINI STORY OF THE WEEK
The stuffed squash blossoms were ok. I picked 6 blossoms and stuffed them with a mixture of soft goat cheese and ricotta cheese, with some chopped fresh basil. Next they were dunked in egg, then in flour, and gently fried just until they are golden. DH did not die from eating them.
I fessed up that the Apple Crisp I've been feeding him recently is actually (I Can't Believe It's) Zucchini Crisp. Find the recipe here. I found the first version a bit too sweet so in v. 2.0 I cut down the sugar and substituted 1 c. oatmeal for part of the flour.
On Monday I gave away 2 zucchinis, threw one out because I'd cut it wrong, made 6 jars of zucchini relish, and two loaves of zucchini bread. When I woke up Tuesday morning I still had 2 zucchini in the basket. I used those to make another batch of Yummy Zucchini Salad, went out and picked four more zucchini, gave two away, and STILL have 2 zucchini in the basket. When will it end...?????

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